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Advance Auto Parts Coupons 2019

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Advance Auto Parts Online Coupons: Offering top quality parts, discount prices, and professional customer service, Advance Auto Parts is now the largest supplier of automotive parts in America.

Use a promotional code below for up to $50 off online orders. Choose to have your order shipped, or pickup free in store same-day! *Free shipping on $59+, $50 maximum discount with all coupon codes

Best Advance Auto Deals Today:

Advance Auto: 25% Off - No minimum
Online orders only. $50 max. savings! Click for code:
Ends 4/01/19
Advance Auto: 25% Off - No min.
Plus Free shipping. Get code:
Ends 4/01/19
Advance Auto: 25% Off - No minimum
Online only . $50 max. savings. Get coupon:
Ends 4/01/19
Advance Auto: 20% Off - No minimum
Any online order . $50 max. savings. Get promo code:
Ends 5/01/19
11 On-Site Promo Codes
Exclusive daily deals at View coupons:
March 2019
$30 Off $80+
When you join Speed Perks. $59+ orders ship free.
Ends 5/01/19
20% Off Your Order
Online orders only. $59+ orders also ship free. Click for code:
Ends 5/01/19
Batteries: 20% Off
No min. In-store pickup only. Get promo code:
Ends 5/01/19
Brakes: 20% Off
No minimum. Brake pads, rotors, parts. Get coupon:
Ends 5/01/19
In-Store Sale
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Speed Perks (Free) Signup: $5+ Bonus
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*When using a coupon, please note:

  • $50 maximum discount with all promo codes. 
  • These codes are for online use only, (unless noted as “in-store”) but free in-store pickup is available
  • Free shipping on $59+ orders, excludes oil & batteries

Why You Should Join AAP “Speed Perks:”

Where to Enter a Promotional Code:

enter promo code advance auto

Most of the promotions that we feature are for online use only, and almost all of them require a promotion code. To do so, pick out a code or two to try and compare. When you review your cart, it will look like this: Enter the code where it says, “enter promotional code,” and click “apply.” If valid, you’ll get a detailed description of the terms of the coupon as well as an itemized discount.

My AAP Coupon Isn’t Working / Not Giving Me the Full Discount

Note that codes can change on a weekly basis, but some things are true for all of them. First, there are exclusions including sale items, certain parts, (like air chucks) and certain brands. The maximum discount for any code is $50. Also, note that certain products, like motor oil, might be eligible for in-store pickup only.

Tip #1: Compare Coupon Codes for Advance Auto: Hmmm… 30% Off or $40 Off?

Because everyone’s order is different, try copying down more than one promotional code to try. You may find that the “30% off” code gets you a better discount than the “$40 off” code, or that a certain coupon has exclusions. Advance Auto will keep a running list of all the codes that you try with their respective discounts, (next to the subtotal in your cart) so it’s easy to compare them.

Tip #2: Total over $200? Consider Placing Multiple Orders

As mentioned, the best discount you can get from any single code is $50. For this reason, if you have a large order (over about $200) consider breaking it into two orders. That way you’ll get up to a $50 discount on each of the orders. Example: If your order total is $300, break it up into two orders, using their $50 off $125+ code both times. Taking that extra 2 minutes can double your discount. You’ll get free delivery on both orders, or pick it up in store if you prefer to get your parts today.

Tip #3: “Free In-Store Pickup” – It’s Like Having a Printable or “In-Store” Coupon!

You might have noticed that the discounts you get from online codes are much better than anything specifically promoted as “in store” coupons. So, instead of using one of these inferior printable or store coupons for Advance Auto, use an online code, and then pick it up in store.

If you look at it that way, it’s like magically turning their discount codes into in store coupons! Do you still prefer the experience of shopping at the store? You can even browse the store in-person first, place the order on your iPad, and come back in an hour to pick it up!

Another potential advantage to doing this is that you don’t have to worry about items like oil and car batteries that are excluded from shipping for safety reasons.

Also check their monthly flyer for specific in-store deals and sales for an even bigger discount. Many times these store deals are not excluded from online codes, so it’s like stacking discounts.


Thanks for checking out our latest deals for Advance Auto. Please check back again soon, as codes change all the time.

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5 thoughts on “Advance Auto Parts Coupons 2019

  1. Jenny needs parts!

    I know that you said these odes aren’t printable but could I literally walk around the store finding parts, then quick just place the order on my phone w/ the coupon? I could even assemble the order for them. In my case it would probably save me $50, so I don’t mind waiting or coming back!

    1. kevin

      Jenny – Yes, you could actually place the order online while you are walking around the store and using the online coupon. the only thing is that it could take up to an hour before your order is ready for pickup. If you’re talking about saving $50, it’s worth it, so just make plans to come back to the store later that day!

  2. Danuta

    Is the code for 30% off good towards all brakes? (brand exclusions?) If so, can I use it online and then pick it up at the Advance Auto in town, or does it take a few days to deliver? (in-store pickup) Also, like you said, i’m thinking of doing two orders because the max discount for a code is apparently $50.

  3. Need a coupon for a battery

    What’s the best code for a $200 car battery? I see that they don’t ship them (hazardous) so I can pick up in-store. Also, If I do that, do I have to pay taxes on my order?

  4. Britney

    Coupon code TRT30 is not working any more. Apparently you have to be an advance auto “speed perks” member for it to work, which i’m not. I need to get new brakes soon, so can you update that with a new code asap?

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