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how long car batteries last

How Long Do Car Batteries Last? How To Tell If It’s Bad + When to Replace

How to tell if car battery is bad, how long it should last: Your car’s battery is one of those things you don’t think about much until something goes wrong. If you’ve ever left your lights on accidentally and drained your battery, you know what an awful feeling it is to be stranded with a dead car.

Most car owners know how important the battery is to their car’s lifespan, but few are aware of when the right time to change the battery is, because (like determining how long your brakes will last) there isn’t a set time frame for how long a car battery should last.

For most drivers, a car battery should last three years or more, but there isn’t any way to know what end of the scale your battery will fall on until it starts to show signs of aging. For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to what your car and your battery are telling you.

Corrosion: a sign your car battery is dying:

One of the easiest signs of how to tell if a car battery is bad is the presence of corrosion on the battery itself. Even though batteries require acid in order to function properly, they don’t corrode around the cables unless there’s a sign of a leak. Not only is car battery corrosion terrible for your battery, but it’s also a major problem for your car.

If the acid leak is able to mess with the metal that makes up your battery, you can imagine what it’s doing to the other parts of your car that you need to function properly in order to drive. If left untreated, that corrosion can cause a major problem for the rest of your car, causing you to have to return to your auto mechanic for a repair that you could have avoided.

how long car batteries last

How to tell if a car battery is bad: Slow engine crank

Unfortunately, there aren’t always visible signs your car battery is dying, so it’s important to pay attention to any sign of trouble when you attempt to start your car. If you’re having trouble getting the car to start in the morning (engine doesn’t rollover quickly on first attempt) and it’s not a particularly cold day, that’s a sign that you almost certainly have a battery problem. A weak or dying battery might make the car sound like it’s struggling to start up.

Also, f you can’t get any lights to turn on fully in the car when you turn the key, the battery is almost surely the culprit.

Even if the car ends up starting after a few cranks, you don’t want to push your luck. One instance means that it’s time to start checking around to see how much car batteries cost (see below) and planning your budget appropriately. A second instance within a short time frame means that your waiting period has expired. When that happens, you need to test or replace your battery as soon as possible.

The last thing you want to have happen when you’re trying to figure out when to replace a car battery is to discover that you waited too long to replace the battery and you’re stranded with a car that won’t start.

Sign you need to replace your car battery: Low battery fluid level

Looking at the battery is also important because it shows you the fluid that you have inside the battery, which is one of the most vital parts of the battery’s life span. If you can’t see the fluid in the battery’s translucent case, (if the fluid is visibly below the lead plates inside) that’s a sure sign that your battery is living on borrowed time, and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to purchase a new battery to keep your car moving.

Another sign: Your Battery or “Check Engine” Light Is On

This seems like it would be an obvious message that you need to replace your battery, but think of it more as a hint. If your dashboard lights up with a battery symbol, take it to a mechanic right away. They can determine what part of your electrical system is the problem and causing the battery light to go on. Keep in mind that it’s not always your battery’s fault! 

A good battery should last 3-5 years

vintage pin up car girl holding wrench wearing heelsFinally, sometimes you simply get an excellent battery that features a long life and shows no signs of problems even through its third year. If you don’t live in an area with harsh seasonal climates and driving conditions or put a lot of miles on your car, your battery should last longer.

Good batteries have warranties of at least 3 years, and upwards of 5 years. 

What if it’s been 3 years since you’ve had your car’s battery replaced? You don’t need to replace a battery that has never had a sign of an issue, but you should take an older battery in to get tested by a trusted mechanic. If you have an AutoZone, Pep Boys, or Advance Auto Parts store near you, they will check your battery for free. It just takes a few minutes, and if your battery is shot, they can also quickly replace it for you. After being stranded recently when my car wouldn’t start in a strip mall parking lot, I also recently learned that they will test your car battery for free at most of those Bulbs & Batteries stores. Who knew!?

A full test by any qualified mechanic will let you know if your battery’s good fortune is likely to continue and help you decide whether a new car battery is something that you should plan for sooner rather than later. If the problem isn’t your battery, they’ll also be able to test your electrical system including your car’s starter and alternator.

How much do car batteries cost?

how much car battery costFirst of all, get a good brand name car battery like Autocraft or Duracell, even though it costs more. You should plan on spending about $100-150 total to replace a car battery, and don’t try to save $30 by getting something cheap!

If you aren’t leaving your old battery, some automotive stores, including Advance Auto Parts, will add on what’s called a core charge,” of an extra $20 or so. This is a policy that encourages the recycling and proper disposal of old batteries, as they are filled with lead and acid, and nasty things to just throw in a landfill or field!

If you place your order online at, you can get the core charge refunded if you bring the old battery along with your receipt, to your nearest store location. They also have deals in their monthly flyer and online coupons for up to 30% off site-wide including batteries, although you’ll have to pick it up in-store.

AutoZone has an ongoing 20% off $100 coupon code, but once again, you’ll probably have to choose in-store pickup due to safety regulations with the mail.

Plan ahead; don’t wait until your car battery dies to replace it!

No matter what your car battery’s situation is, it’s never something to be ignored. If your battery does die on you, it’s going to cause some serious problems for you on the day it happens. When you’re trying to decide when to replace a car battery, it’s always best to be proactive and have your solution ready to go, rather than waiting for disaster to happen.

ugliest cars 1970s featured

Top 10 Ugliest Cars of the 1970’s: So UGLY They’re Iconic!

farrah fawcett poster_1976Who would have thought that a decade that produced beauties like Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs would produce a list of such ugly cars! Actually, it seems like the cars of the 70’s were largely influenced by the culture around them.

There was an ugly hangover from the Summer of Love that produced domestic turmoil including protests and the rise of cults.

When mixed with the new desire for fuel efficiency resulting from the oil embargo, the auto industry responded with a Frankenstein mix of the past and future that you could call, retro-futurism. This created some car designs that were as disjointed as American society, and so ugly that some even became became iconic.

Here’s our list of the top 10 ugliest popular cars of the 70’s:

amc gremlin ad ugly car

Ugly 70’s Car #1: AMC Gremlin (1975 shown)

AMC’s design Chief, Richard Teague, kicked off the 1970’s by introducing the Gremlin. Fittingly,  he reportedly first sketched out the design for the Gremlin onto a barf bag while on an airplane.

He later described it as, “cute or controversial – depending on one’s viewpoint.” The car also apparently had the knack of attracting beautiful young ladies who instinctively made human-pyramids next to it. Not bad for a car that cost about $2000 with taxes!

The design was basically an AMC Hornet with the back end hacked off, and so the backseat was only big enough to accommodate 2 small children. In spite of this, the Gremlin eventually solidified its iconic place in pop culture, even though it was one of the ugliest cars ever designed.


Ugly 70’s Car #2: AMC Pacer

The Pacer adds another hatchback to the list of the 70’s ugliest cars, but this one takes weird to a whole new level. (as if having Brigitte Bardot in their ads wasn’t weird enough) To start, I am obligated to mention the passenger door being larger than the driver-side door, extending into the back seat on the passenger side for an assumed “convenience.”

The curved, bubble-icious back end of the car finishes it off with a streamline shape more reminiscent of a blob or maybe a suppository. Like the Gremlin, the Pacer is one of the most iconic, ugly hatchbacks from the 70’s.

pinto cruising wagon ugly 70s car

Ugly 70’s Car #3: Pinto Cruising Wagon

Here we go with that futuristic station wagon look again… Hey, I think that girl in the car is even texting! It’s almost as if people of the 70’s wanted to skip over all of the great 1970’s events like the oil embargo, Iran hostage crisis, & Jimmy Carter Administration and go right into the 80’s for some reason!?

Anyway, the Pinto cruising wagon was the station wagon version of the notorious Ford Pinto. Unlike its ugly relative, the Ford Country Squire (see below) that was seen squiring the Griswold’s around the country, this wagon has a more modern flare… or at least had.

This car is just another stunning example of how 1970’s futuristic became modern retro. It even had the unsafe dual-bubble windows in the back for some unknown purpose. But hey, they looked cool, and cheerleaders loved them!

ford country squire ad ugly car

Ugly 70s Car #4: Ford Country Squire (1978 shown)

griswold national lampoons station wagonBest known as the the car from National Lampoon’s Vacation, the County Squire was a full size station wagon that Ford started building in the 50’s. Things went downhill with looks and performance in the 70’s, with their 6th generation Ford Country Squires.

Ford dropped the real wood trim long ago, (too expensive) and instead you get that shiny laminate-looking stuff on the sides to accentuate the lines of this beauty. Also, engineers at Ford dropped a full 100 horsepower from the engine while at the same time increasing its size and weight. The sassy young girl in their magazine ad (above) doesn’t seem to mind the sluggish performance, as she literally has stopped in her tracks to take a look!

ford pinto ugly 70s car

Ugliest 70’s Car #5: Ford Pinto Hatchback

The third hatchback added to the list is the Ford Pinto, which ended up killing more people than Jim Jones in the seventies. This car shared all the usual features with its fellow hatchbacks, but also had one revolutionary feature of its own; The Pinto had rear-facing gas tanks that were known to burst into flames in the event of rear collisions. (is that why the surfer-girls’ loins are apparently on fire in the ad above?) 

So with the fireball feature along with its wonderful color choices ranging from vomit green to stale mustard yellow the Pinto cemented its place not only as one of the ugliest cars of the 1970’s but also as possibly the most unsafe.

chevy el camino ugly car 70s

Ugly 1970’s Car #6: Chevy El Camino

It’s a truck! It’s a car! It’s… It’s… Really ugly!

The El Camino was the first of its kind. The pickup truck bed feature combined with a medium sized sedan. It is now a collector favorite, but I think its user-friendly storage feature is what truly allows it to hold a place on the list of ugliest cars of the 1970’s.

This car seemed to have little to no thought put forth when being designed. I understand the idea of combining the truck bed idea to a sedan, that part is clear. What isn’t so clear is why would they do such a thing? Would people really roll up to a construction site in one these with a bed full of tools?

Most people that want a sedan want a sedan for the seats and the size being more manageable. This car simply denies its user of the most useful features of both types of vehicles. But, at least you can put some stuff in the back.

vw thing ad ugly car

Ugly 1970’s Car #7: The Volkswagen Thing

Wow, the hippies in this early 1970’s ad for “Thing” don’t look very safe or happy! Maybe they’re still bummed about the whole Charles Manson thing, and just looking to blow off some steam by killing themselves in an accident. (Come on, if you really want to die, you should have just bought a Ford Pinto!) 

This vehicle is in a way appreciated for its lack of beauty. Kind of a 70’s rebellion against conventional aesthetics, or the Viet Name War, or something profound like that. The Thing, or “Volkswagen type 181″ is a soft top rugged vehicle that reminds many of those army jeeps generals used to tear around in to yell at new recruits.

The Thing was apparently quite reliable; great for off-road travel, and had a comfortable interior. It was only sold in the US for a short time but had a longer run internationally.

oldsmobile cutlass ugly car 1972

Ugly 70’s Car #8: Oldsmobile Cutlass

While creating this list I knew I would have to decide on one 1970’s sedan to really encompass that boring, lack luster, two door sedan of the 70’s. Any film or TV show had them in the background. They usually were driven by the bad guys or just parked on the street. They may have been hard to spot given the usual color palate of a range of baby foods. So with all of that being said I feel as if the Oldsmobile Cutlass will fit the bill as one of the 70’s worst designs.

chrysler cordoba ugly car

Ugly 1970’s Car #9: Chrysler Cordoba

Behold the Cordoba; one of Chrysler’s bad decisions that led it to bankruptcy in the 1980’s. More amazing than the uninspired design of this luxury car is the pure scale of it. The Cordoba measures an astounding 18+ feet long, which is bigger than a modern GMC Yukon! (and some how it only sat 4 people, while the Yukon seats up to 9!) That’s just 4 feet shorter than one of those mini-Winnebago’s! This two-door only got about 13 mpg, which wasn’t ideal during the Oil Embargo. It’s fitting that the decade that produced The Love Boat should have also also created the Cordoba; a not so “lovely” boat.

subaru gl wagon ugly 1970s_car

Ugly 1970s Car #10 · GL Wagon

Somehow the Subaru GL Wagon managed to combine a hatchback “style” with a station wagon “efficiency,” while still being short on leg room. Look at the disjointed lines on that thing!

This car design definitely didn’t live up to the other more-inspired designs that came out of Japan at this time, but at least it’s not huge like most other station wagons of the 1970’s. Well, (as seen in the photo) at least they put this car “out to pasture” after the 70’s.

brady bunch 1970s

Well, the 70’s were a crazy time, and I guess I’d expect nothing less than weirdness carrying through to the auto industry. It’s fitting that the whole decade ended in disco demolition night, and then a new kind of weirdness with plenty of ugly designs of its own started in the 1980s.

Ok, now you have to go eat a mint, or maybe look at some sweet vintage pinups with cars to cleanse the palette.

Thanks for reading out list of the ugliest cars from the 1970’s. Please consider using our coupons to buy parts for your aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, new car at top stores like Advance Auto (coupons), Pep Boys, and AutoZone (coupons). You can get up to a 30% discount and free shipping!

how long do car brakes last

How Long Do Car Brakes Last? Maybe An Extra 20k Miles w/ These Tips

You know that you can’t afford to have unreliable brakes, but this begs a very important question: how long do brakes last?

Automotive engineers have not defined a firm lifespan for our brakes, presumably because there are a lot of variables involved.

Evidence of this frustratingly vague guidance is evident in a study from Toyota, estimating their brake pads can last anywhere from 25,000 miles to 70,000 miles, with an average lifespan of 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

*Thanks a lot. That 30k difference between the low and high estimate is more than the circumference of the Earth!

However, how long your brakes last depend on the type of car you drive and how you drive as well. Maybe you can’t trade in your jalopy for a new Mercedes, but there are plenty of things you can do on your own to improve the lifespan of your brakes.

Specific brands and makes of brakes will reveal more specific estimates for how long they will last, but a lot of it has to do with the driver. In fact, some motorists have made their 30k+ mile brakes last for 90,000 miles and more with conscientious driving highlighted in the following tips and tricks!

Make Your Brakes Last Longer: Slow Down

speedometerAttention: your need for speed is killing your brake pads! 

The higher your speed, the shorter your reaction time, and the longer it takes to fully stop your car. Not only is speeding dangerous, but it puts massive of wear and tear on your brake pads.

The physics behind our brakes shows that car brakes turn their kinetic (motion) energy into heat. So, when you stop your car at high speeds, your brakes expend more heat energy, wearing down your brake pads more.

Try these tips for easing up on the road:

  • Stay within the speed limit (*Not to mention that a single speeding ticket can cost you more than new brakes!) 
  • Coast when you can, especially downhill
  • Don’t tailgate: Keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars to avoid any sudden braking. Tailgating is murder on your brakes, as you’re giving yourself very little reaction time to slow down or stop
  • Refrain from road rage. If you are out of control, your car will suffer too!
  • Look ahead and anticipate upcoming traffic lights: This is a great time to coast to a smooth stop

how long brakes last cheap car

Remove Any Excess Weight From Your Car

How long do brakes last for heavy cars? Well, not as long as lighter cars! The heavier your car is, the more stress is put on your brakes.

You learned that your car and brakes operate on kinetic energy, which is simply energy derived from motion.

The amount of kinetic energy is dictated by the overall weight of your vehicle, so, the more excess weight your car has the more kinetic energy it needs to generate to function properly. In layman’s terms: the heavier your car is, the the shorter your brakes will last.

This weight only puts more pressure on your brakes and brake pads, and that wear and tear is worsened with continuous speeding or reckless driving.

Check your car to see if you’re lugging around extra weight you don’t need, such as exercise equipment, gallons of water, power tools, and other heavy items. The extra weight is straining your fuel efficiency, too!

Don’t Use Your LEFT Foot for the Brake Pedal!

This is something you need to make a habit of.

When you break with your left foot, you’re more inclined to have pressure on both pedals at the same time. Even if your right foot is just lightly resting on the accelerator while you brake, you’re fighting against your braking system.

It’s like having the AC and the heat on at the same time in your house, and this just turns up the pressure even more on your car and brake pads.

brakes last harsh weather

How Long Do Brakes Last in Harsh Weather?

Not as long as in good weather! If you live somewhere with long winters, you’re probably looking at the lower end of the estimate for how long your brakes will last. Extreme temperatures are hard on your brakes, and the salt on winter roads is brutal on brake pads and drums, and rotors, shortening their lifespan.

You can’t mess around with driving in bad weather. You need a reliable car to last through blizzards, icy roads, and trips to the mountains. The money you are saving by trying to stretch out your tires or brake pads is nothing compared to the cost of a single accident.

When driving up and over snowy hills, make sure your car is in the right gear for safe incline driving while periodically putting minor pressure on your brake pads.

Another important thing to remember is to fill and flush your brake fluid periodically to extend the life of your brakes.

When your brakes create too much heat energy, it depletes your brake fluid supply. On the flip side, if you don’t change your brake fluid enough, it will eventually dilute with moisture and lose its effectiveness.

Also, if you notice that your brake pedal feel “spongy,” or soft, it means there’s air in the line, and needs attention. “Bleeding” the brakes / brake fluid change costs about $80-100, but it will fix both of these issues, and will extend the life of your brakes.

Don’t Try to Save a Buck & Get Cheap Brakes

If you’re trying to decide between Wearever Gold brakes and something made in China that has a blurry photo of Michael Jackson on the packaging, you need to stop being stingy.

Spend the extra money on a trusted brand name, and consider researching reviews and ratings from trusted sites like Consumer Reports.

If you do want to save money, get the good brakes, and use a coupon at these top auto parts stores:

Also, doing your own brake check-ups, or getting them done for free at a local Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone is all you need to make sure they’re operating and stopping properly all year round. Follow these simple tips to keep your brakes working longer and your time in the car safer.

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vintage pin up featured

18 Pin Up Girls With Cars and Tools: Vintage Ads and Art

motorcycle pin up girl with wrench

oops. can I borrow your tool?

Classic vintage pin ups with cars – I believe it was Sir-Mix-A-Lot who once wisely said, “To hell with romancin’ she’s sweat, wet, got it goin’ like a turbo ‘Vette.”

Ah, yes… What goes together better than beautiful, curvy women and classic cars? These vintage pin ups and auto parts advertisements by artists like Gil Elvgren from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were pretty racy for their day. Even though they’re over half a century old, they can still get your motor running.

Pin Up girls + Cars: a winning advertising formula

You know how those crazy college girls are always putting on high heels and changing you car’s oil? Maybe not in this world, but it happened in the fantasy world of pin-ups in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and 1960’s. Besides, since advertising first began, we’ve known that most direct route to a man’s mind and wallet is though his genitals.

Anyway, enjoy, and click on a thumbnail to view larger:

Pin Up Girls With Carsvintage pin up car girl corvette

After seeing one of these pin-ups, a man was probably more likely to choose NAPA auto parts (or whatever brand was featured with one of these pretty girls) Even though there was a limit to what they could get away with before the Sexual Revolution, they still manage to pour on the cheeky innuendo, even though these are tame by today’s standards.

Notice the not so subtle elements like tools, updrafts of air, and a even sign for “lubrication.” In one or two of the later ads, you actually have to look to find the car in the background. These are the best pin-ups of girls with cars that I could find during an exhaustive international (online) search.

Actually, it was these ads that still inspire modern advertising, like the recent Carl’s Jr. commercial with Kate Upton:

Don’t forget to use a coupon for auto parts online!

By the way, saving money is a close runner-up to beautiful women, so please use one of our coupons for auto parts online from top stores like Advance Auto and AutoZone! We also are going to be offering free stickers of these pin up girls and cars!

amc pacer vintage ad bardot

AMC Pacer a Sexy Car? Their Vintage Magazine Ads Featuring Brigitte Bardot

The Marketing Genius of the AMC Pacer: Brigitte Bardot: If you were to make a list of the least sexy cars of the past 50 years, you might include the AMC Pacer. Developed in the 1970’s when global change was roiling the average American, AMC (American Motor Cars) attempted to bring people gently (and early) into the 80’s, while conforming to all of the new regulations & emissions standards imposed on the auto industry.

So, how would they market this new family-friendly, ugly, futuristic car? Why, with blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot, of course. This is advertising, baby!

brigitte bardot amc pacer ad

Brigitte Bardot and the AMC Pacer: Mmmm…

“I’m tired of magazines,
Sayin’ flat butts are the thing.
Take the average black man and ask him that,
She gotta pack much back!” – Baby Got Back, Sir Mix-a-Lot

So, the funny thing is that Brigitte Bardot actually owned a Pacer, and reportedly loved the iconic car. (probably given to her for doing this ad.) Besides blatant use of sex in advertising, I’m not sure how her ass relates to the actual car, except that they were both wide and bubble-icious?

Personally, I think she could be advertising Harry and David pears with that sweet, well-maintained hiney. Sorry, back to cars.

“You Only Ride Like a Pacer If You’re Wide Like a Pacer”

amc pacer magazine ad

bardot amc pacerThat was one of the Pacer’s mottos, along with, “The first wide small car,” so maybe there is a tie in there? Of course, the Pacer would go on to be an iconic design, especially after being featured in movies like Wayne’s World, and Pixar’s “Cars.”

Unless they hired a body-double, I’m pretty sure that’s Brigitte again riding on the hood of another pacer on the cover of AMC’s “auto club” magazine.

To tell you the truth, putting a blonde on, or next to a car really is marketing genius.

Check out some other old-school vintage pin-up models with cars from the 40’s here!

The AMC Pacer: Not As Sexy Without Brigitte Bardot

Having a blonde bombshell bend over by a car is a good marketing strategy, but as you can see, putting some average white people next to a Pacer isn’t nearly as captivating:

amc pacer car vintage ad

In fact, now that Brigitte is gone, I’m starting to think that maybe the Pacer is one of the ugliest cars of the 70’s!

brigitte bardot car rear

Hey, there’s Brigitte again! But, that’s not an AMC Pacer that she’s crawling into! Still, I feel the need to buy one of THOSE cars now… (marketing 101, I guess) 

*Recommended: 40 Years of the AMC Pacer – The Fishbowl that saved the World

monthly flyer specials advance auto

Advance Auto Parts Monthly FLYER: View the In-Store Circular Online

advance auto parts logoMonthly Flyer / In-Store Circular: Advance Auto Parts – is a convenient way to view all of their in-store deals in one place online. Each month they feature about 10 pages or so of unbeatable low prices on automotive parts, oil change specials, coupons, rebates, and promotions. These deals vary slightly by store, so enter your zip code at to view your store.

instore ad circular for advance auto

auto parts in store flyer guyAdvance Auto stocks thousands of discount automotive parts, so the monthly flyer is an exciting way to get even lower prices on their featured products. Set up as a PDF file, it’s basically like being able to virtually flip through an in-store circular and view all sale items in one place online. As an extra incentive, each month they also tend to include an exclusive coupon for their website that you can only find in the flyer.

Tips for viewing the monthly flyer / sale circular

Because the deals offered in each flyer can vary based on store locations, the first thing you’ll be prompted to do is enter your zip code. (see below) After doing so, you’ll be able to virtually flip through the flyer online, with no messy ink from cheap newsprint on your fingers!

Keep in mind that with each page you’ll be able to zoom in, move the pages around (by clicking and dragging) and apply discount filters by moving the slider. This is a neat feature if you are looking to view all of their best deals in one place, organized by the percentage of discount.

monthly flyer features advance

If you decide on a promotion, there is a feature to quickly print the page that you’re viewing, or download the whole flyer as a PDF. This can be a valuable feature, as you can bring the promotion with you to your local store without depending on an internet connection. It’s not necessary to do so, but it’s convenient to have a hard copy of the deal, along with any terms or conditions that apply. If you do so, you won’t have to flip through a weekly flyer at the store when you arrive.

Also, with a digital or hard copy you won’t be blind-sided at the register, realizing that a minimum purchase was required, or that you bought the wrong size of an item. You can also view the flyer on your smartphone if you’d rather conserve printer ink.

View the flyer and be prepared

“If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” Viewing the circular online lets you see what all of the in-store deals are for this month without showing up to a store unprepared. The promotions vary slightly bases on location, but after you enter your zip code the in-store flyer for your local Advance Auto Parts location will load instantly.

In-Store Coupons & Promotions in their Monthly flyer ad

Remember that when you order online, you can choose to pick it up at your closest Advance Auto Parts location. If you have an order over $75, and don’t need your parts today, definitely consider opting for their free shipping coupon.

reese tow trailer hitch discount

REESE Towpower: 20% Off Coupon from AutoZone

reese hitch logoCoupons for REESE Brand Auto Parts: REESE has been a legendary brand in towing products for over 50 years. Best known for their trailer hitches including ball mounts, custom fit, gooseneck, & 5th wheel hitches their parts are incredibly strong and exceed all industry safety standards. Use a coupon below for up to a 20% discount site-wide including REESE brand parts:

autozone REESE

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reese towpower trailer hitch coupon

REESE Towpower: Towing Hitches for Any Size Job, For Sale at AutoZone: 5th Wheel & More

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Their exclusive paint finishes fight corrosion and rust, and look pretty sleek too! Every REESE hitch comes with a lifetime guarantee. In fact, they’ve recently been honored for their fifth wheel hatch by Trailer Life Magazine.

Popular REESE Towpower products include: 

  • Custom Fit Hitches – Receiver hitches built according to your car or trucks specific make, model, year, and weight specifications for a perfect fit
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  • Ball mounts including carbon forged, standard welded, heavy duty, & class V
  • Towing accessories
  • Trailer & hitch accessories
  • Trailer electrical & lighting

The Best Prices for REESE Hitch Parts & Ball Mounts Are at AutoZone When You Use a Coupon!

We’ve compared prices, and the best deals for REESE Towpower automotive products (including their legendary trailer hitches and tonneau covers) are at

Of course, that’s when you use one of their featured coupons including their popular 20% off promo code with a minimum $100 order. Most of their popular trailer hitches start at about $120, so their products usually qualify for the discount.

Installing a Trailer Hitch

Wondering how long it takes to install one of these hitches? See how to install a trailer hitch in under 2 minutes!

Free Shipping on Trailer Hitches Including REESE

All $75+ orders ship free at, which includes their popular “Towpower” towing products and trailer hitches. For less expensive products, look for their “free shipping no minimum” coupons which are available about half of the time, and check out CURT trailer hitches at Advance Auto for even bigger discounts! We’ll also be adding REESE products from AutoAnything soon, as well.

albuquerque nm four wheel club

Albuquerque 4-Wheelers Club: Four-Wheeling Fun in the NM Desert

If you’re sitting in a cubicle right now, you might be inspired by the Albuqerque, NM 4-Wheelers Club. Basically, it’s a group of people who get together in their Jeeps and 4-wheel drive trucks and spend a day in the New Mexico countryside and desert just driving, exploring on trails, and driving over big rocks. Here’s a video:

Albuquerque 4-Wheelers Club: Video of Jeeps and Trucks Driving Over Stuff!

Ah, yes… the joy of driving right over big rocks! Check out the video above from Advance Auto Parts (get 30% off coupon) that shows them driving 4-wheelers over giant rocks. How Zen!

Talk about taking the road less traveled; off-roading is an inspiring way to experience parts of this country that you might never otherwise see. In a way, that’s why owning a Jeep or 4×4 can be more of a mindset than just a choice of transportation. I don’t care how sophisticated virtual reality gets, there’s no substitute for getting dirty!

albuquerque 4-wheelers club truck rocks

albuquerque nm four wheel club jeep driving over rocks

albuquerque 4 wheelers club jeeps

albuquerque 4 wheelers club desert

albuquerque nm 4-wheelers club photo

Should Have Taken that Left Turn at Albuquerque?

It was Bugs Bunny who once (or 20 times?) wisely said, “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” Maybe he’s referring to that “road less traveled?” (Or, maybe the word, “Albuquerque” is just fun to say?) If there was some hidden, Zen meaning behind that statement, I think you can  find it on the rocky trails in the video above.

*Check out the coupons we’ve added for Advance Auto in these cities: