Actron PocketScan Code Reader: Coupons for a 20-30% Discount

actron pocketscan coupons
actron scanner logoActron PocketScan Coupons: The Pocket Scan, and PocketScan Plus from Actron are powerful, hand-held automotive on-board diagnostic scanners. In other words, when your check engine light goes on, you don’t have to be completely helpless anymore. These powerful little computers can help you make sense of your car or truck’s on-board diagnostic system by displaying the exact code and associated problem without having to immediately drop it off at the mechanic. (At $75+ an hour for diagnostics!)

pocketscan obd actronWhat do these Pocket Scanners do? The Actron PocketScan is connected to your car’s diagnostic connector, enabling it to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes. (DTCs) If you’re check engine light goes on, this little gadget quickly can tell you which sensor triggered it; whether it was the oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, electronic fuel injection, or car battery.

How Does this Pocket Scanner Work in your Car? These little gadgets are recommended for use with OBD II compliant cars and trucks built in or after 1996. Just plug it into the OBD II port to the side of your steering wheel, and hit, “read” to display codes and diagnose your car’s problems. If you want to get it fixed, take the code to your mechanic, and save yourself the $50 or so charge for diagnostics!

More Features:

  • Has a large LCD screen that displays DTCs
  • It can Read and erase DTCs, turn your “check engine light” off
  • Determines whether your automobile if ready for an emissions test
  • Will display a snapshot of your car’s operating system conditions at the moment of trouble / fault
  • It will impress your wife and/or kids

auto parts guy puzzledI like to think I’m at least a little bit handy. In fact, just the other cold morning, I jump started my car with jumper cables, and didn’t even cause a fire or electrocute myself. However, when the check engine light goes on, I merely stare at it while making monkey noises and scratching my head. You’d think that on a $25k car they’d give you a little more information to go on that just a light-up picture of an engine.

check engineMaybe the new Tesla Model S, which costs about $90k, tells you in a soothing computer voice exactly what’s wrong, but unfortunately I have to drop my car off for the morning at the local garage where it never costs me less than $50 a trip, even for just a half hour of labor or diagnostics. (Although, the Auto Scanner OBD II Code Reader does speak French, which is pretty fancy too)

The amazing thing is that you can buy the top of the line, Actron Pocket Scan Plus for less than the price of an hour of labor from your local mechanic. Use a coupon and you can get it for at least a 20% discount, and if your order total is over $75, it will ship for free.

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