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Advance Auto Parts, Erie Pa: 20% Off In-Store Coupons

logo advance autoCoupons for Advance Auto Erie, Pennsylvania – If you want to see all the deals at your local store this week, check out this month’s in-store flyer.

Tip: To get the best price on your order, consider placing it online using a promo code for up to a $50 discount! If you need your order ASAP, just specify store pickup, and it will be ready in an hour. It’s just as easy as using a printable coupon!

Advance Auto, Erie, Pennsylvania Coupons:

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  • View today’s new Advance Auto couponsnew
    Just specify “pick up” on your online order! ($50 maximum discount)
  • View their monthly in-store flyer:
    Choose your store location and see all this month’s best deals!

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Advance Auto Parts Store Locations & Hours in Erie Pa

Most stores are open until 9pm or later, but you can click below to get specific store hours and directions.

Advance Auto Parts
Yorktown Center
2543 W 12th St
Erie, Pa
(814) 838-9999

Advance Auto Parts
2214 E 38th St
Erie, Pa
(814) 824-6042

Advance Auto Parts
4635 Buffalo Rd
Erie, Pa
(814) 899-2031

Advance Auto Parts
6601 Peach St
Erie, PA 16509

Advance Auto Parts
607 E Main
Girard, PA 16417
(814) 774-1119


Hey Erie Customers: Don’t Forget to Use a Coupon Code!

So, you may have noticed that all the best coupons are for online use only. However, why not just place your order online, and pick it up same-day at your nearest Eire, Pa location? It’s like turning promo codes into online coupons, and you can save up to $50 in the process!

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More About Erie, Pa

Did you know that Erie is the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania? The city was named after the Erie Nation who the White Man drove out of the area before turning Erie into a factory town. Well, looks like a lot of those factory jobs have gone to China, but the good news is you can still gamble at the Presque Isle Downs!

All kidding aside, Erie has a very interesting, and important role in American history, and you can read more about it here.

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