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Advance Auto Parts Charlotte, NC: 30% Off Coupon

logo advance autoCoupons for Advance Auto in Charlotte, NC – looking for a printable coupon for your local Advance Auto store? While in-store coupons are sometimes available, you’ll get the biggest discount using a promo code to place your order online and pickup in-store.

So, how does that save you money? You’ll notice that the best coupons are for online orders, and not printable. However, you buy online and specify “pick up” in store at checkout to get your auto parts at the best discount; ready in under an hour!

Advance Auto, Charlotte, NC Coupons:

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Advance Auto Parts Near Charlotte, NC

Advance Auto Parts Charlotte, NC
4309 Sunset Rd
Phone # 704-399-1520
Open 7:30 am until 9:00 PM weekdays
Charlotte, NC

Advance Auto Parts Charlotte, NC
5130 South Blvd
Phone number: (704) 527-1553
Open 7:30 am until 9:00 PM weekdays
Charlotte, NC

Advance Auto Parts Charlotte, NC
4540 N Tryon St
Phone number: (704) 597-0691
Charlotte, NC

Advance Auto Parts Raleigh, NC
Carolina Pavilion
9425 South Blvd
Phone number: (704) 643-5100
Raleigh, NC

More Advance Auto stores in Charlotte, North Carolina

charlotte nc advance auto store

Advance Auto Parts Charlotte, NC: Store Hours and Directions

If you click on any of the store links above, you can get up to date hours and directions. What time do Advance Auto Parts stores open? Most locations open at 7:30 am and close at 9pm during the week. Sunday hours are different, and usually shorter by an hour or so in the morning and evening.

More About Charlotte, NC

You probably know that Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, but did you know it is also nicknamed “the Queen City?” That’s in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen Consort of Great Britain.

Fun fact: Ever wonder why they named their NBA team the Charlotte Hornets? It goes back to when the British occupied the city under General Cornwallis who was driven out by the residents, prompting him to refer to the city as a “hornet’s nest of rebellion.”

Another fact: In 1799 a 12-year old resident of nearby Cabarrus County, NC found a 17 pound shiny rock that his family used as a doorstop. It was later determined by a jeweler that the rock was a massive gold nugget, which set off America’s first gold rush! Although areas like Charlotte produced gold, it was later dwarfed by the subsequent finds out West in the mid-19th Century.

Use a Printable or Online Coupon With Every Order from Advance Auto In Charlotte, or Any City!

Printable in-store coupons surface every once in a while, but your best bet is to place your order online using a promo code for up to 30% off, and specify “pick up” at checkout. Simply choose your store location, and your automotive parts will be ready in under an hour.

Sometimes this is also the best solution as certain parts and items won’t ship for safety reasons, like oil and batteries.

Maybe you aren’t in a rush to leave the house? You can have your $75+ order shipped free!

Coupons Have a $50 Maximum Discount

If you are placing a large order, over about $200 or so, you can consider breaking it up into two separate orders, using a promo code for each one. For instance, using a single promo code on an order of $400 will net you a $50 discount. That same promo code used on two $200 orders will save you $100!

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