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Albuquerque 4-Wheelers Club: Four-Wheeling Fun in the NM Desert

If you’re sitting in a cubicle right now, you might be inspired by the Albuqerque, NM 4-Wheelers Club. Basically, it’s a group of people who get together in their Jeeps and 4-wheel drive trucks and spend a day in the New Mexico countryside and desert just driving, exploring on trails, and driving over big rocks. Here’s a video:

Albuquerque 4-Wheelers Club: Video of Jeeps and Trucks Driving Over Stuff!

Ah, yes… the joy of driving right over big rocks! Check out the video above from Advance Auto Parts (get 30% off coupon) that shows them driving 4-wheelers over giant rocks. How Zen!

Talk about taking the road less traveled; off-roading is an inspiring way to experience parts of this country that you might never otherwise see. In a way, that’s why owning a Jeep or 4×4 can be more of a mindset than just a choice of transportation. I don’t care how sophisticated virtual reality gets, there’s no substitute for getting dirty!

albuquerque 4-wheelers club truck rocks

albuquerque nm four wheel club jeep driving over rocks

albuquerque 4 wheelers club jeeps

albuquerque 4 wheelers club desert

albuquerque nm 4-wheelers club photo

Should Have Taken that Left Turn at Albuquerque?

It was Bugs Bunny who once (or 20 times?) wisely said, “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.” Maybe he’s referring to that “road less traveled?” (Or, maybe the word, “Albuquerque” is just fun to say?) If there was some hidden, Zen meaning behind that statement, I think you can  find it on the rocky trails in the video above.

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