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Armor All Coupons: 20% Off at Advance Auto Parts

logo advance autoArmor All Coupons: Armor All is a top name in auto protectants, cleaners, washes, and waxes to make your car or truck look like new. (Go ahead, stare!) You can get the best price online for all automotive products including Armor All when you use our 20% off coupon from Advance Auto!

  • Top 10 Advance Auto Parts Coupons – 20-30% off site-wide including all Armor All products. You can choose free local store pickup. Click for today’s updated promo codes!
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Armor All Coupons: Get a 20-30% discount on all automotive products with our featured Promo Codes!

If you are looking for the best price online for Armor All cleaning and protection products, we’ve found it at Armor All’s mission is to protect your car, inside and out. Our mission is to protect your wallet, making sure that you don’t overpay for automotive products online.

We were ecstatic when we realized that the store-wide coupon codes we have for Advance Auto Parts include just about all of their top brands, including Armor All. You can also find Armor All products at AutoZone; click for coupons!

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How to Use a Coupon or Promo Code for Armor All

Actually, using a coupon at is a snap. Just add one or more Armor All or other automotive products to your cart. Then, at checkout you’ll see an obvious field that says, “promo code.”

You guessed it, that’s where you’ll enter your coupon. If the code is valid you’ll see the old retail price crossed out, and the new, discounted price will replace it. If, for any reason, the coupon is invalid, it will usually give you a reason.

Why Is My Armor All Coupon Not Working?

We are pretty good at updating Advance Auto coupons, so the main reason a coupon for Armor All won’t work is because the code requires a minimum purchase. While popular codes like their 20% off coupon have no minimum order requirement, their best promo code for 30% off has a $50 minimum order requirement.

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Armor All Wipes Coupon – Leather & Glass Cleaning Wipes for Your Car

Armor All protectant wipes, cleaning wipes, glass cleaner wipes, and air-freshening protection wipes are available separately or in their Armor All Wipes Variety Gift Pack.

The wipes gift pack gives you everything you need to clean, refresh, and protect the interior of your car including leather care. Give your car or truck a “just detailed” look and put a little bit of order into your life!

Armor All’s most popular products are their protectant, Ultra Shine Wash & Wax,  and cleaning wipes, as well as their Nu Finish once a year car polish. Use the coupon above for a 20% discount on all Armore All wipes!

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Armor All Shield Wax Coupon & Car Wash Soap

Armor All Custom Shield gently lifts the dirt on the exterior of your car that can cause those little annoying scratches, while encouraging water beading on your paint. The result is a mirror-like shine that will reveal your car’s true, rich color.

Use our coupons for a 20% discount or more on Armor All products including their waxes and shileds.

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Armor All Tire Foam Protectant

Armor All’s (not “Armour All”) Tire Foam Protectant protects your car from harmful conditions that can cause cracking and fading in your tires. It also nourishes your tires’ black color. It’s just so easy and rewarding to use, especially knowing you got it at the best price online after using a coupon!

Griot’s Garage Speed Shine Coupon: Up to a 30% Discount

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advance auto parts logoNew coupons for Griot brand products: Advance Auto Parts carries Griot’s Garage Speed Shine, one of the best cleansing solutions for your car possible. Known as the “5 minute detail,” for your car, Griot’s Speed Shine is easily applied to the hood, doors, roof, and even bumpers of the car. Using a microfiber cloth, the Speed Shine can be wiped over the car surface to achieve a bright luster that looks like your car has been waxed and buffed.

griot speed shine couponIt makes sense to start from the top down when cleaning the painted surfaces of your car. Such a logical step might be overlooked, however, as you become entranced with the true color of your automobile as revealed beneath!

Cleanliness is Godliness & coupons are heavenly

Removing dust and dirt and debris can be a fulfilling experience, and a way to bond with one’s car in an intimate way. Consider the people in your life that you would feel comfortable cleansing with a soapy solution and a towel… there are perhaps 1-3, including your baby car! Griot recommends that you use their thick, blue Micro Fiber Speed Shine Cloths for application on all paints, clear coats, chrome, wheels, and trim. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, a clean, light toweling will work well too.

Griot’s Garage Speed Shine does spray on with a misting type action, and the results are astounding. Whether you are getting ready for a night of cruising in Idaho, Montana, or Oklahoma, or just polishing up your hog for a long night’s ride down Route 66, this shine will confuse the lightning bugs as they aim to ride each other into reproductive bliss.

But I digress. Why should you purchase Speed Shine through Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone? Well, they provide this excellent video on the proper technique, directly link to the appropriate accessories including micro fiber towels, and offer a heavy discount using one of the many promotional codes and coupon codes for savings on your total order.

New coupons for Griot’s Speed Shine

Shine it up, and then shine up your wallet with one of our coupons for or discounts for! (Maybe add some Rain-X, and shine and protect your windshield at the same time?)

PS – Does anyone know the proper pronunciation of “Griot?” I’m guessing it is best said with a French accent?